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Young Warriors is a unique program designed specifically for students ages 8-12. The Young Warriors Krav Maga program is the premier children's program for Self-Defense, Fitness, and Character Development. We emphasis focus, discipline, goal setting, and self-confidence through the development of personal safety. Every class includes a 'mat chat' which helps weave our character development program into their martial arts training. 

Our Young Warriors program is based on our Krav Maga Alliance curriculum, with slight variations that make it more age appropriate. We work on 5 elements of self defense: Fitness, Fighting, Character Development, Bully Prevention, and Stranger Abduction. Within each element we have different set themes and curriculum that the kids will learn at specific belt ranks to progress through the program.  

Young Warriors Basic

The Young Warrior Basic program is the first service you are enrolled in. This includes a dynamic 45 minute class, mat chat, and martial arts training. Class is offered 5 days a week and class attendance is unlimited! 

Young Warriors Plus

Our Young Warrior Plus program is a free included service with our ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP. This adds on an extra 15 minutes of training at the end of each class. On A-day’s students work on a weapon per quarter (alternates between kali stick, bo staff, and nunchucks) and on B-day’s students do sparring drills and fighting. Training in the various weapons is a tool to help your child develop hand eye coordination and focus. Students begin this journey knowing nothing about stand up sparring to actively sparring. 

Here at Midwest Krav Maga we offer a FREE TRIAL WEEK to the Young Warriors Program. We invite you in to experience the benefits of the Young Warriors Program. Please call today to book your first class 317-660-5729

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