TEENS Program

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Martial Arts 

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The Midwest Krav Maga Alliance Teens Program is designed for young men and women between the ages of 13-17 to learn self defense quickly and effectively. The idea behind the teens program is not only to teach effective self defense, but to develop our students into positive members of society. 

The Teens Program teaches adult Krav Maga Alliance curriculum to those students that may not be as physically developed to participate in adult Krav Maga classes. In addition, the Teens Program has a leadership and character development program heavily woven throughout the curriculum to help develop teens into successful young adults. We accomplish this in a number of ways including extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, reading materials, and mat chats. 

The overall goal of this class is to ingrain in students the concepts and skills needed to defend themselves and to instill confidence as student's make major life choices. 

Class is one hour and is offered 3 days per week. Class attendance is unlimited!!!  

Here at Midwest Krav Maga we invite you in for a FREE WEEK TRIAL to experience our Teens Program. We encourage you to experience the benefits of the Teen Program first hand. Please call today to book your first class 317-660-5729 

- Please see the schedule tab above for your child's current class time.