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​Parent's Night Out 

Parent's Night Out is an event we host to provide kids a safe and fun environment while parent's get a night out (or maybe just a night in)! 

Parent's Night Outs are typically held once a month on a Friday evening from 6:30-10:30PM. Each event has a different theme, from Battleball to Water Wars to Glow Parties. Every Parent's Night is hosted by Mr. Gomez plus additional staff. 

Parent's Night Outs include pizza, beverages, games, prizes, a late night movie, fun memories, and more for ONLY $20 or less. Watch for opportunities to win FREE admission too! 

Students will receive 'tickets' in class for demonstrating exceptional behavior or leadership. These tickets can be turned in at Parent's Night Out for additional prizes and raffle drawings. 

Parent's Night Out Events fill up quickly and are capped at a certain number of students. And remember, Parent's Night Out Events are open to members AND non-members! Please check our calendar or give us a call at 317-660-5729 today to reserve your child's spot! 

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