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​​What is krav maga?

Midwest Krav Maga is uniquely dedicated to teaching realistic self-defense and character development to youth ages 3-17. Our passion and mission is to develop today's youth into tomorrow's leaders and empower each and every student through Martial Arts. 

Our goal here at Midwest Krav Maga, is to bring the effectiveness of Krav Maga along with a strong character development program to better the lives of those in our community. 

Not dependent on size, strength, or special physical ability, so Krav Maga techniques can be used effectively by men and women of all ages

Krav Maga is the most practical, fastest-growing self defense system in the United States, used by hundreds of U.S. law enforcement agencies and military units, and practiced by thousands across the country.

No matter what your age or physical ability, Krav Maga was designed to bring you to a high level of proficiency quickly!


Mandy L. 

So much more than  martial arts. Myles is the best there is. 



Jake P. 


Fantastic instruction! Very friendly environment! 

Jerry L. 


Instructors are great! My daughters have learned so much and love going! 

Myles received his Black Belt in 2014 from Krav Maga Worldwide. He is passionate about continuing his training in order to uphold the integrity of the programs and the quality of training for our students. Myles has fought MMA and continues to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). 

After more than a decade of teaching, Myles opened Midwest Krav Maga with his wife, Josie. Together they hope to empower more lives through Martial Arts. 

We look forward to meeting you! 

Midwest Krav Maga 

Myles & Josie Gomez 

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The Head Instructor of Midwest Krav Maga is Myles Gomez. Myles was introduced to Krav Maga in 2005. As an instructor, he has dedicated much of his Krav Maga career to teaching kids.  

Krav Maga is the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli Defense Force. Their soldiers are men and women aged 18 to 51, so their fighting system focuses on techniques that are:

Based on instinctive movements, so they are easy to learn and easy to remember under stress